What is fear telling me?

What is fear? According to a quick google search:

“An unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined.”

REAL or IMAGINED. Fear is there to protect us, but not to stop us from doing the things that make us happy.

Have you ever held yourself back because that fear of what might happen, what others might think? Our imagination can play many tricks on us, building up emotions that might only be true in our heads.

What is one fear you would like to work though? Being the center of attention has been one of the biggest fears of my life, to the point that my body has had fight or flight responses to it. It explains why it has been a challenge I’ve been dealing with a lot more since I made the decision two years ago to put myself out here and begin this Purposeful Dreamer journey. BUT…to keep expressing myself and this vision utilizing social media has been one scary fear completely worth taking on!

There have been many other fears I’ve had to work through, but one memory of my childhood came to the surface with my experience this past Friday.  I had intended to go live on social media to share some updates and just before I was going for it, my fears and doubts creeped back in, and I just couldn’t do it. I had decided to take a break from social media, to build up enough material that would allow me to come back more consistently and not take so much time of my daily life. I thought I was ready, but the truth is I wasn’t.

When I was a kid, I was part of the Scouts (note that Scouts in El Salvador was for boys and girls even back then). It was an amazing experience for me and I loved it. I learned so much and did things I had never done before which built up my confidence.

At one point, they decided to do a national sporting competition that challenged the non-athletic side of me. We even had to travel all the way to the capital for a soccer match and play in front of a ton of people! I was terrified, so by the time we got there, I had worked myself up to a terrible migraine. I know now that it was a full-on panic attack. I was taken to the hospital and was fine after most likely being given something to calm me down. I didn’t understand fear back then.

Last week my fear took over, but this time, I had a new perspective to work through it. It has taught me and reminded me that:

  1. It's ok to be vulnerable, to let our feelings flow and always give ourselves more grace.
  2. It’s ok to make mistakes, to stop trying to make things perfect, just keep going.
  3. It doesn’t mean I’m not making progress or that I’m not in the right place, it just means that I’m learning and growing.
  4. That fear can also teach us what boundaries we need to create in our lives to build a happier more peaceful life.

What was the worst thing that could have really happened if I went live on social media? What is the worst thing that would happen if you did that thing I’m so afraid of? How could this fear be useful? How is it helping me? It was important for me to give myself the love and patience I needed to answer those questions and move pass the fear and suffering it was giving me.

Fear is there not to fight against us, but to protect us and guide us. It can be a tool, a teacher, it’s another emotion to learn from in our lives and if it’s not going to hurt us or kill us, then perhaps that fear is a signal to challenge ourselves to go for what we really want. When we can learn to work with our fears, we get closer and closer to our truest selves and our true purpose. Remember the saying:

“The biggest rewards are on the other side of fear”

I am ready and back to share more of this experience, and I will get on camera. I’m motivated to try again and grow from this fear and keep remembering to trust and give myself more grace. As my dear friend of mine put it “Do not let fear hold you back, but do allow the space you need to keep moving forward”

I wish our stories and experiences will inspire you to take a leap towards the things that scare you but also excite you the most in your life!

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Karina Hines

Purposeful Dreamer and Founder

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