The Results of Art – Inspiring Purposeful Dreamer Art Sales stories

Today I would like to share with you these heartwarming and inspiring Art purchase stories that truly make up what I have dreamt for this gallery the last two years and give me the courage and motivation to keep going. They say with the highs come the lows, and in this world we live in, there is so much we don’t know, but a little patience, nourishment and trust can go a long way.

We have to find the courage in our hearts to keep going. 

We continue to learn about the creative process and the magical impact it has on not just those creating the art, but also those buying the art. 

I never really knew how much emotion and meaning the purchase of an art piece could ever have until Purposeful Dreamer officially sold its very first and very special art pieces.

Art has the power to change the course of our lives, and even provides hope for generations and generations to come. Its endless possibilities allow us to open up our world to a better tomorrow. 

My wish is that you feel inspired with this beautiful art and stories to maybe even explore your own creativity, even if it means admiring the beautiful work of others! 

“A work of art which did not begin in the emotion is not art” – Paul Cezanne

Karina Hines, Founder and Artists, Purposeful Dreamer

SOLD! The world through the eyes of a philatelist in El Salvador by Melissa Guzman

This is the National bird from El Salvador, a Turquoise-Browed motmot, the stamps that fill its body are original very old stamps from El Salvador! 

I was filled with so much emotion when I received this package from my friend Melissa, all the way from San Diego California almost 2 years ago. Melissa made this peace to contribute to the Purposeful Dreamer experience and donate to the same charity I chose, DREAMERS.US. 

As soon as I asked for the support to enter this experience with me, Melissa knew she had an opportunity to do something with that old stamp collection she had!

Melissa should make more of these, don’t you think?! 

As you may or may not know, I was born in El Salvador, both Cal and I fell in love with it, and on valentines day this year, I received a very special surprise. 

It was the end of a busy day with our electrical business when all the sudden I heard an ding! The website had a sale! While this is not the first official sale in our gallery, it was the first time I got to receive an alert from a purchase after all the work I’ve put in to make our gallery store work. It was such a special experience, I feel so grateful for my beautiful friend Melissa for her support of the Purposeful Dreamer with this beautiful piece, and for my husband always sprinkling in me the belief I sometimes don’t have fully in me yet… 

Melissa’s 10% profit Donation was made to: THEDREAM.US – Click here to learn more about her creative process through the Purposeful Dreamer experience.

SOLD! Growth by Kasey Klein

It couldn’t be more appropriate to have sold our very first piece of art from a stranger walk-in with a very special story to our gallery would be Kasey’s beautiful Lotus painting, called “Growth”. 

I don’t know about you, but I believe things always happen for a reason, we are all connected in more ways than we as humans can yet comprehend. We have no control over what will happen tomorrow, only what we can contribute to today. 

There is so much more to share about this experience alone, which I will share more in depth on our website when the right time comes but what I DO want you to know today is that this gentleman showing up to our office at the time he did was no coincidence and that everything I learned about this man and his story plus the sentiment of this purchase is something I’m still learning to process and accept in a very beautiful way because it represents so much of why the Purposeful Dreamer exists. 

You should also know that Kasey’s beautiful lotus painting became a very heartfelt gift for a good friend who was about to lose his wife about to be disconnected from life support on their 70th wedding anniversary that day. As soon as this gentleman shared to me what he was looking for, I thought about sharing with him this painting and what the lotus painting meant, he was touched right away. 

A 10% donation will be made to TWLOHA, the charity Kasey chose to donate with her artwork for the Purposeful Dreamer experience. Click here to learn more about Kasey and see Kasey’s beautiful original acrylic paintings currently for sale at the Purposeful Dreamer gallery and PurposefulDreamer.Co. 

SOLD! Powerful Words by Karina Hines

Since I began to build this vision and Purposeful Dreamer over 2 years ago, I knew I had to be the example and continue to explore my creativity and create but I had yet to sell my very own art pieces until last week! but it’s ok, because I can assure you this was never meant to happen any sooner, it just happened at the exact time it was meant to happen. 

I am not a professional artist, yes, I do love art and I went to a Magnet school of art when I was in 10th grade, but that was as far as my art career went, I have loved art all my life but I always had to give myself an “important reason” or an “excuse” to create something, until I realized what it actually meant for me and how important it has been for my piece and happiness to keep learning and creating as part of my life. 

This purchase was also made by the very special gentleman that came to our office that day. After feeling so touched by Kasey’s piece, he started looking more and more at all our artwork and came across my painting, and wanted to know more about it. 

I shared to him that I had made it to remind of all the powerful words that have changed my life for the better. He said all those words reminded him of his friend who he was on his way to support through this difficult time.

I wrote more about why I made this piece and the lessons it brought on our blog, you can find it here. You can also see the rest of my humble and small collection here 🙂

A 10% profit donation to be made to my chosen charity, THEDREAM.US

SOLD! Free to be Me by Karina Hines 

2 years ago, I made the decision to make authenticity my number one core value, and I can say today it has been the most freeing decision I have ever made. 

I learned that a key to our happiness and making better decisions is to truly understand what our personal core values are and act based on those values, each and every day. When we behave and act based on our values, we feel happier and more at peace. 

After I shared with him some of the lessons this painting had given me, he shared his amazement at the messages from all this art and how it connected with his own personal growth and transformation recently in his life. I could relate to him in so many ways, growth can feel uncomfortable, but also right, and both are ok to feel, and when we connect the dots and we realize we are not alone in this life, the world moves for us and creates beautiful possibilities for our future. This was the last piece purchased by this gentleman that day. 

I wrote a blog about this special art piece a while back where you can learn more about the lessons this special bird painting gave me and can give to you too. 

A 10% profit donation to be made to my chosen charity, the Dream.US

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