The Purposeful Dreamer Experience Chapter 1

Defining purposeThe big question I kept coming back to in my life was, what is the one thing I can do that I’m really good at, I enjoy doing so much it won’t feel like a job, and will benefit me, the people closest to me and maybe even the world? What will keep me motivated and passionate? And also, be a good example for my son so he can one day too flourish the gift he was meant to give the world and live a happy life? Lots of questions, I know… Do you ever think about that for your self? Do you think this is possible? I believe it is! Keep reading…

My husband and I started our electrical business 5 years ago, it has thought me about creating and growing a business and the commitment and life of being an entrepreneur. At the beginning of the year, we decided to invest in this online business program called B-School, it was different and a scary investment but something about it felt right, I had learned about it last year and this year I decided to go for it. To my surprised, it opened my eyes to understanding my strengths better, while I love what we do, and the electrical field is an amazing field and I continue to support my husband in it, I realized that there was something else I needed to do.

I didn’t know exactly what that was, then the 2020 Corona madness happened, I must have drove my husband nuts for some time and in that crazy time in my head, one day when the world had slowed down, I felt like coming back to painting, we needed a backdrop for Simba, our bearded dragon so it was my perfect opportunity to break out my art supplies. After not painting or doing much art work for years…I felt good and as I was painting, I lost sense of time and I felt clarity come to me in a way I’ve NEVER felt before, in that moment I knew exactly what I was meant to do! That is when my idea for Purposeful Dreamer came to my mind! I felt so strongly about it, I HAD to do some research that could maybe scientifically prove what I experienced! In my research I found that Art can be a form of therapy.

According to Anike Kehinde, a professional art therapist, creating art allows you to:

  • Improve social skills
  • Address Past Traumas
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve self-awareness
  • Express emotions and thoughts
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase creativity skills
  • Learn coping mechanisms
  • Experience feelings of empowerment

It was mind blowing! That’s when another realization came to me, the one constant in my life thru all the hard times, that has given me lots of answers and healing has been… ART! Art in so many forms, from decorating my home, painting, fashion, photography, all kinds of fun crafts, colors, music. It has been the healing in my life and has given me the clarity I have been searching for and if that is the case, I am confident that it can do the same for others too!

The other BIG piece to going through the Purposeful Dreamer experience, is experiencing giving back, because I knew that simply making art was not going to be enough to fulfill my purpose. Its our responsability to contribute to this world, now more then ever. This is why a percentage of profits for every piece of Purposeful Dreamer will be donated to charity.

Chapter 1 of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience will be an experiment and a learning experience. I decided to share this experience and idea with the people closest to me first, the people that believed in me the way I believe in them, because I realized that this was so powerful, I couldn’t keep it to myself. They will be sharing their own experiences through this as well and how it has benefited them and perhaps even allow them to find the answers they need in their lives like it has done to me.

I might not have the “dream career” job I thought I was going to have as a phycologist or social worker or interior designer I kept thinking I was going to school to one day. BUT I do feel in my heart this is my dream life, where I’m meant to be in my journey, that this is the happiest, most alive, favorite time of my life next to the love of my life, our son and the home we built with our blood, sweat and tears… and the thought that keeps coming back to me is, I couldn’t be here, feeling this way without these people in my life believing in me and allowing me to dream…

So here we are now, about to launch our first auction in the few months, and I CANNOT wait to share with the world the outcome of the first dreamers going thru the Purposeful Dreamer experience and open this experience to the rest of the world…

With all my love,

Karina Hines

A Salvadorian/American Purposeful Dreamer


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