Purposeful Dreamer Artist Karina Morales-Hines

"It seems to me that searching for our purpose is like searching for happiness. There's no way to happiness; happiness IS the way, and so it is with living your life on purpose"

Dr Wayne Dyer in The Power of Intention

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Karina Morales-Hines

Meet Karina

I am a Purposeful Dreamer, Multi-passionate creative, entrepreneur, and art curator.

Creativity has supported me through the most difficult times of my life. It's been my healer, my guide, a safe place to process the feelings and situations that can be hard to understand in words. 

“Real Life” kept me from believing or considering I could do something I loved so much for myself and consider it a business I would be worthy of creating, but I always knew in my heart I had the potential and resources to do more. 

The universe and the 2020 pandemic pushed me to understand more about my purpose in this world, my skills and how I could utilize them for me and others, but more importantly, it has taught me I can and it's my responsibility to make and give myself the time to take care of myself and do the things that bring me joy no matter what is happening on the outside. 


I realized I will never be able to control what happens in the world or to others around me but I can learn to rely on myself, to find my own happiness that is always in me. Everything in my outer world starts with me. 

After 10 years of motherhood, working in the “Corporate world” and leaving the paint brush behind to “Adult life”, I started to paint again and give myself the gift of self care more and more, to continue the search for my own joy and passions that fill my cup and allow me to keep going and give more to others. 


My artwork is a collection of my own personal life lessons as a Salvador/American woman. Each time I feel inspired to create something, it comes with a special message in my life that I’m drawn to share with others. I find inspiration in nature, people, experiences, and on many occasions, from the books that feed my soul and bring me so much joy and understanding of my own inner world. 


As a multi passionate creative, my styles continue to evolve. Acrylic paint has been my favorite medium and digital is my new and latest discovery. I'm always trying to find new ways to create and learn from different mediums and techniques.

My biggest wish is that those that buy my art get to feel they can also search for their own inner happiness and peace. To bring inspiration and believe into their inner and outer space. 


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Karina Hines is giving back with her Art to:

Unique Art with a Story and Purpose

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