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Michaela Schulte

Love, Motherhood, friendship, life, nature, adventure, fun, unique, kind
. These are the words I imagine when I think of my dear friend Michaela. I believe people come across our path for a reason, they help us shape who we are or who we want to be.

Authenticity is beauty, we are all unique creations of nature, and we can make the choice to enjoy life to its fullest, no matter what life throws at us… Michaela’s cretive journey inspires us to continue to dream and explore..


How will you remember the 2020 events in your life? Have you taken a moment to slow down and think thru the lessons 2020 gave you?

This was a year so many of us will never forget, it gave us life lessons and perspectives to remember in the future. It taught us that its ok to slow down and maybe even spend a little more time with ourselves and those that really matter in our lives, to be kinder to ourselves.

Like so many, Michaela was affected when Covid hit our area early last year, she made the decision and effort to not let it take her down and used creativity to channel her situation and remember how to dream again… Creativity and nature was her way to channel these difficult times, she has come so far from that time, her life transformed…

Life can be a scary and overwhelming place at times, and with so much stimulation and information all around us, it can be challenging to slowdown and really THINK, in our own heads, without the constant distractions every minute of the day.

What can we do to channel our emotions and our thoughts while also relieve some stress? Creativity can be a fun and stress relieving way to support us in those efforts. Michaela’s passion for life and her kind spirit always so inspiring.

Michaela always reminds me that music and dancing are always welcomed in our cretive space. Video Source:

Ocean Dream Boxes

“A time when we were reminded of our love to dream and re-live our dreams”

Some of the shells on these boxes come all the way from Michaela’s birth town Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania! Some, from our local beach town in Florida.

Her journey is so unique and inspiring, and her piece is so special, Follow her on instagram at @africurlyventure or Tik Tok at @africurlyventure Tik Tokand to find more of her beautiful life inspirational posts.  

Being part of the Purposeful Dreamer experience means that you took on the challenge to enter your creativity and self-expression with a Purpose, not only to reap the benefits creativity has to offer, but to inspire and learn from each other in this journey while flourishing our motivation to create by giving back with each of our creations.  



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