Purposeful Minute for Peace

Purposeful Dreamer is about love and collaboration through creativity and following our hearts to take action for what matters in our hearts and our souls.

Last month, I was called to set up this minute of silence live through social media and with my family and friends. Art is not just a painting on a wall or a pretty sculpture, I believe Art is the true expression of ourselves and we get to create art however our heart is called to do so. This is my art, with all my heart to you, who is listening and choosing to act with love and kindness in your heart. 
This idea came to my heart from a very hard but powerful lesson in my life, after my dad suffered a stroke over 10 years ago that almost took his life.
Fast Forward to 4:43 for Silent Minute together

I don't know whose idea it was exactly, but that evening, my family in El Salvador decided to schedule a chain prayer for him. We had this collective prayer time that day for my dad, and while the road to recovery hasn't been easy, he's still alive and in our lives, thinking of us and sending us his love and support in his own beautiful ways, and that is a gift I cannot take for granted. 

It's been one of the hardest things to go through in my life but that magical moment of silent prayer always stuck with me. My sister in law always reminds me about that story when I start losing faith. 

I hope this moment brings all of us peace and strength in our hearts to keep going no matter what happens tomorrow, I hope it inspires you to truly be there for your family today. 

I feel so blessed and thankful to be safe, to have all my basic needs covered for me and my family, but I also feel the pain of this hate and suffering with the war in Ukraine.  I know the uncertainty of the world the last couple of years have been difficult and at times it may seem to just get worse, but if you are reading this and you have a choice in your life to be on the other side of the war, or the terrible things happening in the world, I hope you find the inspiration to do whatever your heart calls you to do to help. We have to believe that our actions, no matter how small, CAN make a difference. 

I know that we humans are resilient and always persevere, and that we must find a way to let go of the suffering and take action in our own ways, without judgment. We can send love, hope and strength that is needed by so many right now fighting for their lives. 

"To believe your own thoughts, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men - that is genius” 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

To clarify, this minute of silent prayer does not represent any religion, political party or views on any of these issues as this is not what the Purposeful Dreamer platform is about. 

As one of my favorite Frida quotes lays it out: “I don't belong to any category”. As someone that has experienced the world from 2 completely opposite worlds, as a Salvadorian half of my life and an American the other, I choose to believe we can choose to act in ways that unite us or separate us. 

If you have experienced something like this in your life, and would like to share your experience with our Art Gallery to grow this message, you can contact me here

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