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Our Unique Gallery consist of dreamer artists from many different skill levels for a unique experience for both its artist and customers.

Do you ever hold yourself back from making a painting or a craft project you’ve wanted to make because you don’t have a purpose for it?

Do you have a creative passion hobby that has given you peace and quiet outside of the everyday noise in your life and has flourished beautiful pieces of art looking for a Purpose in this world?

Are you taking the leap to a new creative adventure with your work in need of support and some collaboration? I know the creative path can be a lonely journey in some ways and finding the support to leap you forward could be exactly what you need to take the next step in your creative journey.

Perhaps you are an experienced loving and giving artists supporting creativity and wanting to give back with your beautiful work and bring more exposure to your work.

These are all the ways we wish our Purposeful Dreamer Gallery will support creatives, artists, passionate dreamers showing up for themselves every day, in the midst of the ever-changing world out there, ready to give and receive from the magic that our imagination, love and purpose can do for selves and others.

Purposeful Dreamer begin for me in my own search for my inner peace, my happiness and joy, because I realized my misery wasn’t just a burden I was carrying, it was more like a ripple effect that affected those closest to me too in one way or another.  I’ve had to learn to give myself permission to explore the things I enjoy doing or creating. Might be easy for some, but I know the fear and doubt stops many of us in our tracks too.

 A new kind of creative space where we support and learn from each other in this courageous creative journey and reap the benefits; without judgment or assumptions, opening the path for each of us to believe we are worthy of finding joy and purpose in our hearts when we follow our passion to create what we love and spread the love along the way.

Our mission no matter what the level of your craft will be the same, to support and learn from each other while giving back with every piece sold, a 10% donation to a charity close to your heart and a 10% commission to Purposeful Dreamer with each sale. This is an introductory price plan subject to change)

Join Purposeful Dreamer as a creative to share your creative journey and receive an artist highlight as a Purposeful Dreamer with your work and a charity of your choice. If you are a purposeful dreamer like me and you feel this will be a potential collaboration together, I would love to hear from you and see if this is something we can work on together.

Our virtual doors are opening to new artists with our new multi-vendor system that will allow for an ideal collaboration of our work in our online gallery. Fill out the form below to begin the application process and a time for us to meet in person or online.

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Unique Art with a Story and Purpose

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