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A place where you can easily find helpful tips to help you calm yourself and find love and support

For Treatment and Recovery
Opens up every few months

Find free or low-cost therapy. Because your financial status should never be a barrier to mental health

Dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

How we can help…


Join the Supportive Online Community

Get Involved in your Community

Professionaly in the mental health field or joining their team!

Participate in their national campaings like National Suicide Prevention Week, their 5k, and special events.

Though our support they have:

Donated 2.6 Million to Treatment and Recovery

Responded to 210,000 messages from people in over 100 countries around the world.

Shared 1,100+ Blog posts and launched a podcast to let pthers know that they aren’t alone.

And more… 

Purposeful Dreamer Reflections 

Learning from To Write Love on Her Arms, our journey of hope, love, and Mental Health

Lesson 1 –

The simplest act of love could make all the difference in someone’s life, it has the power to change someone’s perspective and can give the hope and strength they needed to keep living when feeling like giving up.

Our feelings and emotions are real, no matter the circumstances, life doesn’t always make sense, our hearts can be broken at times, but in the hardest times, having someone that loves you and accepts you can make all the difference in our life and give us the hope and strength to keep living.

Did you have that person in your life that unexpectedly said the words you needed to hear to give you hope the hope you needed at some point in your life? 

I’m thankful to have had the people in my life that shared with me the simplest words and acts of kindness that gave me the hope and strength to continue living when I needed the most…

I didn’t know how I would ever fit in to this new world, uncertainty and hopelessness filled my heart in the first months of moving here as a 15-year-old from El Salvador, I was terrified and felt completely out of control, from not speaking a word of English, the list goes on and on.  I didn’t know what mental health was back then, I now that what I went though was a time of deep and dark depression, in those darkest emotional times of my life, I wasn’t sure I wanted to keep fighting this life, if it wasn’t for the people that loved me and gave me that spark of hope, I may not be here sharing this highlight right now and living the life I’m so thankful for today.

Have you ever thought about praying for help? Those were the words I will never forget because in that moment, I needed to hear them to find a spark of light to want to keep living, I don’t belong to any religion, but I believe in the power of spiritually and our connection to our universe and each other. I will never forget that short moment, I can’t remember what I was doing that day and why my aunt was dropping me off back to our apartment, I didn’t say anything, she just said those words right before I opened the car door to leave, she must had known, and that day, she saved my life…

Learning about twloha reminded me that we are never alone, that our stories are powerful and that there is always someone there that can help us see the light.

We have the choice and the power in us to find and give more love and hope to ourselves and to others, and it can be in the simplest and most loving ways that can make all the difference.


Lesson 2 –

SELF CARE is CRITICAL for our Overall health and wellbeing, and EVERYONE has the right to mental health support no matter who you are or your financial status– When we show up for yourself, we are showing up for our community. Everyone deserves access to mental health; you can find the twloha Self Care page link above with simple and great ways to start and find the help you need.


Lesson 3 –

Remembering the impact social media and the internet can have in our lives, either in a positive or negative way. I’ve enjoyed learning and following twloha on social media for a couple of months now, one of my personal passions with Purposeful Dreamer, is learning more and more, about the impact social media and the internet can have in people’s lives anywhere in the world, in either a positive or negative way. I’m inspired by organizations that use their reach to make a positive impact in people’s lives, as I inspire our blog will do for others too… 

I personally feel if there is one way, we can all contribute to this big world of the internet and social media avenues, is by sharing more kindness and encouragement for each other, we can make it a place where we find hope and lift each other up instead of comparing or judging.

We can always find hope in the love and support of others and the internet and social media has the attention of billions of us, no matter what our current circumstances are in our present moment, it’s important for all of us to understand our responsibility in this new virtual world. 

Thank you twloha for all that you do, you inspired me to share a piece of my story I have never shared before, which is scary but important to share, it is my honor to be learn about your work and be able to support your organization along with Kasey through Purposeful Dreamer Experience. It took me some time to think though this post and comes at a great timing with the #worldsuicidepreventionweek campaign.

And THANK YOU Kasey, for your inspiring and healing art collection and for supporting and introducing us to twloha, it’s such an honor for me to showcase your art collection and learn all things creative with you though the Purposeful Dreamer Experience.

Thank you for being an example of what a purposeful dreamer is all about, inspiring us to feel empowered to explore and create, to follow our dreams and keep learning and growing every day, to work every day to the best version of ourselves that we can be, live with more love, and kindness in our lives, for ourselves, our community, and for those we love the most.


Would love to know if you resonate with this story and twloha, you can comment below or send us a message. Remember to check out Kasey’s Art Gallery inspired by twloha, for each piece sold, 10% of the profits to be donated our twloha fundraiser and 10% to support our Purposeful Dreamer Mission.

 Thank you for your support, let’s keep living, following our dreams, and believing there will always be a better tomorrow.   

Karina Hines

Founder, Purposeful Dreamer

Learn – Grow – Create- Give Back

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

It’s our honor to highlight and learn about their work and how we can support this movement.

You can find their FIND HELP Tool HERE, which allows you to find local mental health resources at a free or reduced cost by choosing a keyword and entering their zip code.

You can also check out their Self Care Page with great tips and Resources. 

Looking forward to share more about twloha here and how we can support their amazing movement supporting mental health. Visit them Here.


Creative Living –

Learning from Creatives with

The Purposeful Dreamer Experience

Born in the Space Coast of Florida, Kasey obtained her Art and Health Science degree from the University of Central Florida with her last year abroad at the College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kasey’s big heart and passion is beautifilly represented in her Art work inspired by her life’s journey and nature.

She shares with us her creative experience and journey for us to learn from through the Purposeful Dreamer Experience

Klein often compares painting to the “Art of Living Life”. Each value of color adds to the story of its’ canvas and comes to life.

Kasey shares with us her 12 Tips of Painting and 8 Tips for capturing your story on Canvas HERE.

Click below to Follow Kasey and visit her website for a full collection of her Artwork, products and Services 


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