Lessons from Art on finding my Authentic Self

"I’m learning to be free to be me, including all my imperfections”

That is what this painting told me in my head as I finally felt it was finished...

It was a special painting to finally finish, and it taught me again, that the creative process is much like real life. As a Purposeful Dreamer, it’s my mission to share with you all the creative lessons that come our way, here is what creating this art piece reminded me of:  

  • Sometimes what we are going through might not make sense in the moment
  •  We don’t know how long or how it will all work out but no matter what the outcome, it will always leave us with the lessons we are meant to learn from the experience.
  • It’s important to remember that its ok to pause and trust myself and the process.
  • Its ok to slow down and enjoy the moment, accept all the parts of just being me, having fun.
  • And lastly, no one else is going to make the time for me to do what’s important for myself


Listen, entering our creative minds is a process just like it is to find our authentic selves, it can feel uncomfortable at times but if we give it a chance, it can teaches sooo much in our lives about our purpose, belonging and acceptance and truly find joy in our lives.

I started this painting early this year, and my own impostor syndrome didn’t let me touch it for at least 6 months, it took several versions until my mind was ok with it being finished but at the end, I’m happy with the result and specially, the lesson I get to share and keep with me forever!

This painting inspiration came to me thanks to one of Kasey Klein’s awesome art classes where she introduces her leather stencils to guide you to create. In her class, she taught me some important principles I’ll take with me forever and that I think you can also apply to real life! You can follow Kasey here, if you are in Brevard to check out her upcoming classes!

With her class I learned to:

  • Give the painting time and breaks
  • To be gentle with yourself and the creative process
  • Look at your work from different angles to identify next steps  

Meeting creatives like Kasey and this Purposeful Dreamer experience has reassured me about the lessons creativity has given me that we can all benefit from, that is why this blog and Purposeful Dreamer exist, to support each other in the journey to follow our dreams while we learn, grow, and give back.


Have you had a creative revelation? If so, please share here and be sure to follow our journey by signing up to our email list.


If you are on the search to find yourself, or finding purpose in life like I have, I encourage you to get uncomfortable and play with some art, and you might say you are not an artist, but when I say art, I mean finding something you want to create, that will give you your own unique time and space to learn about yourself, put the intention to listen and you will hear the lessons our own selves are trying to tell us.

Thank you for your support and I hope you have enjoyed the Art lessons from this painting.


Learn - Grow - Create- Give Back

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