Learning from our Creative Life with Artist and Purposeful Dreamer, Kasey Klein.

Kasey is an amazing creative for all of us to learn from with the Purposeful Dreamer experience and it’s my honor to be able to share more of the benefits creativity and following our passions brings to our lives.

Kasey truly embarks what being a Purposeful dreamer is all about.

She is a passionate and fearless creative with over 17 years of experience that she shares passionately with everyone. She is kind, with a big heart and true to herself, trusting her journey and what she can do to contribute to the work with her creative passion.

When you meet Kasey you feel at ease, just like her paintings make you feel…she is an angel and a creative supporter I’ve been so lucky to get to know and learn from.

As part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, Kasey shares with us how creativity supported her through difficult times in her life, processing her feelings and learning to trust and open up herself to more joy, piece and acceptance.  

Kasey and I share a similar healing journeys with creativity, which is why I know she is meant to be part of our gallery and our purpose. She has been able to use her creativity to process and articulate her life through very difficult times which have launched her into wonderful creative directions with a happier and more peaceful life.

Artist Kasey Klein, Learning from our Creative Journeys through The Purposeful Dreamer Experience.

How has creativity and painting helped you in your own personal journey?

Wow, that's a great question and a very layered one to answer as well. During the year of my mom passing, a breakup of a long-term relationship, moving into my own home, working full time & all happening within 6 months, Creativity was my Peace.

I found that sometimes I didn't have the words to articulate how I really felt or understand all of the changes happening in and around me.

Being creative in the kitchen and painting was/is my form of expression and meditation for me to really be in a happy place again. Painting takes me to a space where my heart and my soul lead the way. Even after working a long day of cleaning teeth, I had to paint, I wanted to create something.

Painting has really helped me on my personal journey to get into my feelings, to know myself better, to love myself for who I am, to go with the flow, to relax, to trust, to open up in a way I never knew I was capable of. 

What is your creative process and how can anyone learn from it?

One of my creative processes is to take photographs of things I love. For me, that's nature. To be in nature it is calming, connecting and brings back perspective of how beautiful our surroundings are.

When in nature it opens all of the senses to recharge the human batteries, to appreciate all of its beauty. Taking photographs is such a great way to study in person the subject at hand, learn composition, study colors in person and then recreate to practice when back in your 'studio'.

P.S. A 'studio' can be a guest bedroom, your bedroom, the dinner table, a small or large desk, a clip board, a backyard on a blanket on the beach. There are no restrictions on that space. If you feel the need to create, trust that and make something. Each mark you make on paper, canvas, computer, etc. is your creation and you will benefit in knowing it's one of a kind. There is only one YOU so only you can make your marks.

What is the best advice for someone that wants to enter their creativity but is afraid to?

Well, if you are excited to do some art, have the feel to create, GO for it!!! You cannot ever get it wrong, you're the only person who can make your masterpiece.

The very act of “Arting”, expressed in any artistic media is a pathway to know yourself better. If afraid and excited to art to me that says.... it’s calling you to trust the flow. Go with it. 

What do you wish those purchasing the art see and feel about your work?

I wish for those admiring my art or purchasing it to feel a sense of peace, passion, pause, & know they have an important purpose. 

Kasey Klein, Artist and Purposeful Dreamer

Learn - Grow - Create- Give Back

Support our mission to create and give back by purchasing one of a kind original art from Kasey’s Collection dedicated to Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida. For each piece sold from her collection, 10% of the profits will be donated to this organization and 10% to our Purposeful Dreamer mission.

“The non profit organization I chose is the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida.  Considering I was born and raised here this makes so much sense. They seek to protect animals, plants and land of Florida. If you know me, you know that all of those things they protect are what I love, all things in nature, including my next heart-spiration, the manatees”.  Kasey Klein


Their Mission and How we can Help

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to protect our outstanding animals and plants and the lands and waters they need to survive. Working closely with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and many other public and private partners. 

Formed on September 29, 1994, as a nonprofit organization to support the health and well-being of Florida’s fish and wildlife resources and their habitats. 

They are a citizen-support organization of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and work with a variety of other public and private organizations to achieve science-based conservation, research, education, and outdoor recreation goals. 

What do you love most about the Florida outdoors? The incredible variety of wild species? The expansive waterways and unique landscapes? The endless recreational opportunities? Whatever it is, they are committed to helping you support it. Click here to Pick a cause and find the different ways you can help. 


Creative Living -

Learning from Creatives with

The Purposeful Dreamer Experience

Born in the Space Coast of Florida, Kasey obtained her Art and Health Science degree from the University of Central Florida with her last year abroad at the College of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kasey's big heart and passion is beautifilly represented in her Art work inspired by her life's journey and nature.

She shares with us her creative experience and journey for us to learn from through the Purposeful Dreamer Experience.

Klein often compares painting to the "Art of Living Life". Each value of color adds to the story of its' canvas and comes to life.

Kasey shares with us her 12 Tips of Painting and 8 Tips for capturing your story on Canvas HERE

Follow Kasey and visit her website for a full collection of her Artwork, products and Services. 

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