If you think you are not a creative person, Think again….

My friend Vanessa’s Macrame Art Story

Are you someone that has never considered yourself creative? Well, if so, you may want to learn how my dear friend Vanessa began her creative journey! And perhaps get to find the joy and purpose she found in her work! 

When I began this Purposeful Dreamer journey, I knew there would be others who shared the healing experience I’ve had with my own creative journey, I just had no idea what that meant or who would feel connected to it, which is a mystery that has uncovered SO many special surprises in the last couple of years! 

It was a happy surprise when she reached out feeling connected to Purposeful Dreamer and wanting to support this mission and give back with her work, I felt so inspired learning her creative journey has supported her own personal journey too. 

What was unique about her story was that, SHE NEVER SAW HERSELF AS A CREATIVE PERSON!

Yet, life called her to create something and find a meaning, joy and healing in the experience. Have you had that call in your life? If so, I hope you take it and give it a try!

Some of us have known to explore our creativity our whole lives, others get to do it as a living, and their stories are just as special and valuable, but people like Vanessa and many others, did not see themselves as artists or creative people at ALL! 

Art called her to create because of the joy and benefits it provides to her life and it’s a beautiful story to learn from and remember that we all have that creative call available to us no matter how “Creative or Artistic” we think we might be. 

How did this creative call happen?

Vanessa is a Civil engineer and a mom of 3 little ones! She NEVER saw herself as a creative person, as I have heard from many in the engineering world. After the birth of her second child, she felt she needed to find herself back again, she had lost her sense of purpose in a way, and was searching for it. 

Life introduced her to macrame, something called her to experiment with it and give it a try, and after a few YouTube video tutorials, she was hooked and has been making beautiful creations for her house, as gifts or simply for fun, giving her the time she needed to get back to herself outside of the busy and hard, yet beautiful world that surrounded her. 

Now, she has given these beautiful pieces to support our Purposeful Dreamer Gallery because she felt connected to our call to give back with our art.

Some Creative thoughts and Lessons from Vanessa’s Art Experience:

  • We are ALL creatives, artists, with the potential to find joy in creating art. The thought or belief that you are not is simply a negative bias created by your own life experience, perhaps someone told you when you were a child that you were not good enough or you compare yourself to others and decided that on your own, but as you can learn from this story, ANYONE can create. 
  • Being “Artistic” or “Creative” doesn’t have to be drawing or painting, art has many forms, the key is to keep searching and experimenting until you find what brings YOU JOY! 
  • MAKE TIME to get to know YOU! We are ALL busy, specially in the world of SmartPhones and Social media that distract us so much besides the million daily responsibilities of everyday life but finding a creative channel can be a great opportunity to slow down our minds and get to listen our inner selves who desperately need us to listen to guide us and support us in life.

Our gallery is about finding Purpose in our work by giving back. With her artwork, she wishes to create awareness to something that was dear to her heart in her profession and as a Miami resident. 

In Memory of Surfside Condo Collapse Victims

Unless you are part of the construction or engineering world, you might not put much thought into what goes into building a home or a building, from the materials used to the proper and professional knowledge and work it takes to safely build and maintain a safe home or business.

On June 24th, 2021, The Champlain Towers South, a 12 story condominium in Miami partially collapsed, taking the lives of 98 people, 11 injured, and 35 people rescued making it one of the worst engineering and construction failures in American history.

The ethical decisions engineers and small or large construction corporations are faced with when it comes to the safety of a build out, compromising on the cost and quality materials for durability and safety vs profit margins. Fixing the cosmetic vs the core of a home or a building are issues presented to our infrastructures every single day. 

This terrific event has been a wake up call for many in the construction and engineering world, while the non profit for this specific tragic event has closed, thankfully, a year later, a legal settlement was approved in June 2022. A memorial was also built in Collins Avenue as “98 Points of Light Road in remembrance of the great people that lived in that tower and the tragedy that wounded this community.

If you are in the construction or engineering industry, I hope you remember this tragedy when faced with deciding on durability, safety and durability vs profit margins. 

For any one, what should you be aware of about the home or building where you live? What should the engineering and construction industry consider when faced with these emotional and ethical decisions about safety and the bottom line? Your voice and knowledge matter, no matter who you are, understanding this and speaking up to these issues can make all the difference in the future of your home, community or business. 

We thought the best way to give back with her artwork was to bring awareness to the situation and remember that we all are faced with decisions in our life every day that can make all the difference in the future of others. 

More information about the Surfside Condominium Collapse can be found here

Her creative story is a perfect example of the people that are meant to be in our gallery sharing their story to give back and be an example of how creativity has supported them in finding their purpose, processing emotions and becoming a better person for themselves and their families.
You can purchase Vanessa’s beautiful macrame pieces at our store. Proceeds for this sale are to support our Gallery and Blog to continue supporting artists and their stories like this one to inspire us and continue to give back with our work. 

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