How to find Inner Peace

What does inner peace mean to you?

I imagine it as a place of acceptance and balance, where I feel I’m doing what feels right for me and those I love in this moment. A place where I feel at peace with where I am in my life and where life is taking me, I feel healthy and at ease.  

I believe inner peace is not something you just achieve once or it’s simply there all the time, it’s something you strive for and have to work for every single day.

I have been searching and working to find my inner piece for years, my latest art piece inspired me to write more about it. While it’s not always there, I have found ways to come back to my inner piece that truly have changed my life forever, this art piece inspired me to share some of those ways that perhaps can support you in finding the inner piece you are looking for in your own life.

First and foremost, taking care of my emotional, mental and physical health thought
  • Learning and practicing healthier eating by incorporating healthy ingredients every day, planning at least a few lunch and dinners ahead always helps! Stack your fridge with healthy feel good foods instead of junk.
  • Finding the time and working hard at building a weekly exercise routine that is right for me.
  • Figure out a Meditation Practice – Even just 10 minutes a day can make all the difference.
  • Journaling, writing.
  • And of course, creativity as a mindfulness practice, every time I create something, a new introspective about my self and my life comes to light as I work though the creative process.
And an important Note:

Learning and practicing being in the present moment is a must, don’t allow the thoughts about the future or past circumstances affect your emotional present state of being, as your thoughts come (Because we can’t avoid them, just listen, without judgment).

    I can’t say I’m perfect at practicing all of them at once every day, and there are downtimes, sad times and hard times, but I know these are part of my toolbox of what I can do each day to come back to my own self and find peace no matter what is happening around me. 

    Birds feel to me like a symbol of inner peace. I truly enjoy seeing birds everywhere, from the ones that always gather just outside our home, to the ones you can find on a hike or just flying around where you are.  

    I notice them anywhere I’m at, I admire them and they bring me joy, they remind me of the beauty that surrounds us each day no matter the circumstances, and the freedom and peace they process that I strive for inside myself every day

    When I was a little girl one of my most special memories was seeing hundreds of pigeons gathered at the Cathedral of Santa Ana in El Salvador where I grew up, they live all over the cathedral beautiful structures and would gather at the front of the church floors to pick up the seeds you could purchase from vendors to feed them, I must had been little because all I can remember happily running towards them and seeing so many fly away and then just come back for more for the next person that would share some seeds with them… 

    Last year we had a wonderful weekend getaway to attend a friend’s wedding and I happened to capture the picture of this pigeon just as it took off, it made me come back to that happy memory as a child and what birds mean to me and my inner peace, which inspired me to create this piece.

    If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to comment, would love to know if there was something that resonated with you or how you find your own inner peace in your life.

    Karina Hines, Purposeful Dreamer and Artist

    You can purchase an 8”x10” Fine Art print from our store though the link below. With the purchase of this art piece, a 10% donation will be made to TheDream.Us, the non-profit organization I chose to support with my artwork. Click here to learn more about their work.

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