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My name is Karina Hines and I am the founder of Purposeful Dreamer – I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a passion for people and creativity in all Forms. I am humbled to share my story with you.    

To give you some background on how I got here, my parents brought me and my little sister from El Salvador to provide us with better opportunities after 2 massive earthquakes hit El Salvador in 2001. I was 15 years old and my world  turned upside down. None of us spoke a word of English… we started at the bottom, learned English, worked and studied hard. We were lucky enough to have a work visa and while we had the opportunity to work in the US, which we were very grateful for, as I graduated high school, I realized my path would be different then many of my peers. Not being a resident meant I didn’t get any financial support for college and would have to pay international fees which would mean thousands of dollars per credit that I could not afford at that time – no matter how much I worked.

I tried for many years to find different ways to go to college, but I also I knew I needed to keep learning and continue to develop myself. That is what I have continued to do ever since, and have realized that we never  stop learning and growing.  I can never take for granted that I’m here and have the opportunities I wouldn’t have if we had stayed in El Salvador.  I worked in the hospitality world for 15 years and 10 of those I was able to develop my career in Human Resources as a SHRM certified professional. It was a great experience filled with great leaders and people along the way that taught me so much and have a very special place in my heart. 

A few years ago, I took a leap of faith to leave my HR career and support my husband Cal in growing our business. Cal and I founded our electrical business, All About ElectriCal LLC almost 5 years ago. Building a business is not easy, but it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We have met AMAZING people along the way and also have been able to learn so much, not just about business but about life and people. This journey that made me realize that being an entrepreneur and making a difference for people is part of my journey. 


Next year, it will be 20 years since we came to the US and I earned my citizenship 2 years ago in front of my son and my husband Cal who has taught me so much and has been my greatest supporter.

That day, I realized dreams do come true and that nothing could stop me any longer from following my dreams and that maybe one day I could follow my passions and be able to give back to my family and my American and Latin community…

Then the 2020 madness occured… I feel the struggles like so many others. I have seen the suffering not just from my American family and local community that has been affected by all the events that have transpired this year, but I see it from my family in El Salvador and my close friends that have family all over the world and the country. 

I know we can’t help everyone and we can’t control the events happening or the actions of others BUT, this is where I had the epiphany – the ONLY thing we CAN control is what we do for OURSELVES, our thoughts, our actions that will in turn show what’s possible for others and allow us to support those around us even more then we may ever realize. 

Back in April, in our quarantine period, just like many others did, I found myself reflecting a lot, I was reminded of my passion for art and painting after we adopted Simba, our bearded dragon, and he was in need of a background for his tank… it was an excuse to do some art work! I was reminded of my passion for creativity and that I never took the time to continue to explore it, why? Because of my own fears and doubts, because life can take you in so many directions but when do you take time for yourself and follow your passions? No matter how crazy or weird as it may sound to others. I’m still working on this new habit and dream of creativity, and thru this journey, I hope to share everything we are learning and inspire others to explore their creativity as well. 

I had wondered why I had stopped painting for so many years, and then, literally, as I was painting one of the waves from the painting below, I started reflecting on what I’m meant to do in this world. This whole idea just came to my head, which has given me the purpose I needed in my life. It has also transformed my feelings and actions in a whole new way that just feels right and never seems to end. 

This short moment of creativity has given me so much clarity and peace to this day, which confirms that I must use all my strengths and determination to make this happen and inspire others to explore their creativity with the hope they will experience this moment of finding clarity and purpose as well.   

After 6 months of online Business school and over 4 months working on this project, I’m super excited to share the very beginning of a new adventure and my purposeful contribution to the world. I’m anxiously thrilled to announce the initial launch of Purposeful Dreamer!! 

PurposefulDreamer LLC will be an e-commerce store that will auction and sell arts and crafts with a purpose. A percentage of all proceeds will be donated from the start to create a long-term culture of always giving back to world that gives us so much.

My mission is to create a fun platform where you can purchase artwork made by dreamers, including myself.  Dreamers will come from many different skill sets and backgrounds who will share their creative journey and the benefits pushing their creative boundaries has brought to their lives from this experience.

 My vision is to inspire others to follow their passions and push their creative boundaries and fears to live a happier, more purposeful life.

 A small group of my amazing family, friends and myself will be going through what I call the “Purposeful Dreamer Experience” where we will be challenged to create art work and share our self-care and creative experience with the world for an online auction to be held towards the end of this year!

 With every collection, we will donate a percentage of profits to different charities in need, for the first auction, a percentage will be utilized for the full development of Purposeful Dreamer as well as our first charity donation. With the recent events in the world, we are also committed to always bring art that is inclusive and ethical in their expression, ALWAYS. 

 I have created a coming soon page where, if you share your email address, you will receive exclusive updates on the upcoming auction and sneak peek stories about each of the Dreamers of the first ever Purposeful Dreamer Collection!  It would mean the world to me if you sign up and share to support this creative mission by visiting 

 I’ve already witnessed the benefits this vision has had for myself and those close to me – I am committed to this journey and the long purposeful road ahead.  I’m also super excited and feel it’s the beginning of chipping in a little creativity, positivity and happiness to this world and be a positive role model for my son and his future… 

I hope you join me in this journey but either way, I’m thankful you are here, reading this, because so many of you have put a little seed in me that has helped me be where I am today and given me the courage to pursue this dream and hopefully inspire many others to follow theirs..



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