Find gratitude, a new sense of purpose and joy to end and begin the new year – Recap from the Purposeful Dreamer Blog

As I’m writing this, we are less than 2 weeks away from 2022 to end, it always feels like the year just passed by, yet there were those long hard days, and the good ones, it seems like a great time to reflect on this very special Purposeful Dreamer journey and what I feel I have learned through following my dreams, and living a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

There were hard moments of course, like the emergency surgery I had earlier this year to remove a large cyst from my ovary which made me lose my right ovary and fallopian tube, it was scary but I’m also thankful that large mass wasn’t anything worst and it was a wake up call to my health and connection with my physical body.

Learning about my own challenges with my emotions and past traumas but also finding ways to work through them, heal and understand myself better to the challenges of running our business, and getting thought Covid for the first time and this time pregnant! On top of just life as a mom and a woman learning to make sense of this ever changing crazy word. 

At the same time, I can easily find so much gratitude in where I am today, while it never seems as far as we thought we would be or might had accomplished as much as I hoped, it’s a reminder that life is journey, not a destination, if we get another day, that is a blessing of its own to make the best of. When I think back of where I came from and what I’ve been through, I know this is exactly where I’m meant to be.

The best parts of it all weren’t accomplishments but special moments and places we got to share along with family and friends, and the special miracle that is coming our way as we unexpectedly found out we are pregnant! A miracle we never imagined with what I had been through earlier this year. It wasn’t in our plans or was something we were trying to do, we always felt right with being a 1 child family but when found out, we felt so much joy and excitement and it simply feels so right for our family and our son is so excited to have a little brother soon. 

I confess I’m still trying to find a consistency to my writing and this blog as well as everything that there is to Purposeful Dreamer with my creative journey while supporting my family and our electrical business, but slowly life is opening up and I trust I’m making progress and putting action towards this dream, no matter how small, little by little, because I know it’s part of my journey, it’s the one thing that is important to do for myself, deep down, that in return, makes me a better person for those around me. 

In giving through my creativity, I have found a joy and peace I had never experienced before which has become my guide towards my path in this life so here I am writing my last blog for this year reaping the many lessons this Purposeful Dreamer journey has given me. I thought to end the year, it would be great to share a recap of what I feel I’ve been able to learn though this Purposeful Dreamer journey of creativity, purpose, and giving back.

9 Life Lessons to reflect on to end the year and find inspiration for the new year:  

1- Endless Flexibility=More Happiness and success. Change is inedible and out of our control, but how we react to it, how we act, and what we take from it is 100% OUR CHOICE. We can choose to see the “really bad” and “really good” parts of our life as seasons in time, that bring lessons and new perspectives that bring forth our purpose in this world. 

2- Being “Artistic” or “Creative” doesn’t have to be drawing or painting, art has many forms, the key is to keep searching and experimenting, to keep PLAYING, until you find what brings YOU JOY! Bonus, creativity can be a great way to practice presence, patience and mindfulness that bring us both mental, emotional and physical benefits. 

3- REAL or IMAGINED. Fear is there to protect us,  not to stop us from doing the things that make us happy. It can be a tool, a teacher, it’s another emotion to learn from in our lives and if it’s not going to hurt us or kill us, then perhaps that fear is a signal to challenge ourselves to go for what we really want. When we can learn to work with our fears, we get closer and closer to our truest selves and our true purpose. 

4- MAKE the TIME to get to know YOU! We are ALL busy, specially in the world of SmartPhones and Social media that distract us so much besides the million daily responsibilities of everyday life but finding a creative channel can be a great opportunity to slow down our minds and get to listen our inner selves who desperately need us to listen to guide us and support us in life.

5- When we match our everyday actions with our truest core personal values, we can feel happier, free and on purpose. A great question to ask ourselves is: Does my consumption (What I watch, what I eat, what I listen to, what I do every day) match my core values and bring value to my daily life with myself and my loved ones? What is a small change I can create now to consume less and create more of what I love?

6 – KEEP TAKING ACTION (No Matter how small) – When you take action towards your dreams, no matter how small, the universe will shift and bring people and events into your life that you would have never imagined to assist you in fulfilling those dreams.

7Let life move you, and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be, each and every day. We can do our best to plan for the future, to work towards our dreams, but sometimes life takes us in different directions, some, even better than the ones we planned for ourselves. Sometimes the most unexpected things in life can be the best things that could ever happen to you, we can’t always understand it right away, how can this be happening to me? Why is this happening to me? But if you put a little trust, faith and grace in yourself, even the worst of it will pass and will show you a new light in your life. 

8- Practice living in the present moment, it’s the only guaranteed time we have and can actually do something with. No matter how much we plan, dream, worry about the future, it’s not given to us, and what is in the past, is only there to teach us and move forward. Appreciate and trust your journey today, even the hard days because if we listen, they may be teaching us something we must learn from. 

9- When we find gratitude in our lives every day, the universe brings forth a more fulfilling and happier life and opens up a gateway to guiding us in our life’s perfect plan. 

Which lesson resonates with you the most? My wish is that it can help you in finding closure and gratitude for this year and a new sense of purpose and joy for the new year, no matter what you’ve been through or are going through right now, I hope these reminders can give you a new light and perspective in your life. 

Wishing you all the best today and always…Remember you are worthy, trust, and believe you are capable of doing anything your heart desires. 

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Karina Hines, Artist and Founder

Purposeful Dreamer LLC

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