The Purposeful Dreamer Experience

We are dreamers with big hearts, full of hope and passion. We are inspired and fulfilled from creativity, life’s purpose, joy, our loved ones and our world’s wonders and possibilities.

When we follow our dreams and take care of our selves, our mind, body and soul, we can be a better hand for those we love and be an example of what is possible.

The Purposeful Dreamer experience challenges your creativity to create a one of a kind art piece to be sold at our gallery where a percentage of the profits goes to a charity close to your heart. We highlight that organization to learn about their impact and how we can support it.
And last, we share our creative experience, the feelings of the creative process and how we benefit (Maybe even struggle) and learn from it, creativity is a unique experience for each of us but the same feelings of doubt, fear and judgment are a common battle we get to learn from creating something for the world to see, but the thing is..there is no wrong in art, your creation will be like no other.

The goal of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience is to provide you with all the benefits creativity has to offer: creative expression, relieve stress and anxiety, increased focus, provide you with feelings of accomplishment and Purpose.

Inspiration is easier to come when we have a Purpose, and when we share a purpose, we are stronger together.

Learning from our Creative Life with Artist and Purposeful Dreamer, Kasey Klein.

Kasey is an amazing creative for all of us to learn from with the Purposeful Dreamer experience and it’s my honor to be able to share more of the benefits creativity and following our passions brings to our lives. Kasey truly embarks what being a Purposeful dreamer is all about. She is a passionate and …

Learning from our Creative Life with Artist and Purposeful Dreamer, Kasey Klein. Read More »

A Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Chip Hines

Today’s Purposeful Dreamer is the LAST of the 9 First Purposeful Dreamers going thru the PURPOSEFUL DREAMER EXPERIENCE! It was back in April 29th, 2020 when I put my heart out in an email to my closest friends and family asking them to join me in this challenge, I feel so thankful and excited to share this last journey with you as we move to the next Chapter of Purposeful Dreamer with our art work and the causes we will be supporting!

I present to you, Purposeful Dreamer Chip Hines! Chip the best grandpa and father in law anyone could ask for!

A Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Rafael Reigosa

As it gets closer to the end of the First Ever Purposeful Dreamers and their journeys, I find myself reflecting on how amazing it has been to see each of their hidden talents, creations and perspectives. It’s been such a great way to connect with them and relate to the challenges it represents to create an art piece for the whole world to see. To share what the meaning of creativity in our own personal lives and how we are all working thru its joys and challenges to give back thru the Purposeful Dreamer experience.

A Purposeful Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Melissa Guzman

Are you a collector? When I first told Melissa about Purposeful Dreamer, she was excited to contribute and knew exactly what to do. It was really exciting to learn about her stamp collection and how she is bringing it to a new life to contribute to the Purposeful Dreamer Experience!

Whether you are a collector lover or not, I think you will enjoy her experience and the art piece that will come out of this fun and really cool hobby!

A Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Estela Morales

Today’s journey is a special one as I would not be writing this right now if it wasn’t for all the sacrifices she made to bring us here from El Salvador, almost 20 years ago! I present to you, my dear mom, Estela Morales.
She is an example of what it means to be a Purposeful Dreamer. Here you will learn that like so many of us, life takes its turns and we stop exploring our creativity. But one day, when you get back to it, you realize the benefits it brings and how making something with a purpose, makes it even more rewarding and exciting to create.

Unique Art with a Story and Purpose

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