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The Purposeful Dreamer Art Gallery showcases what creativity and giving back can do for our overall happiness, finding our purpose and our own personal healing.

 If you are a Purposeful Dreamer, you are creative and possess a deep love for people and our world, you believe we are all connected and feel a need to give back to this world that needs us and gives us so much!

Our Mission and Vision 

To inspire big hearted creatives from any skill level to create something unique that we can all learn from and give back to others; while allowing us to enter our creativity and the benefits it has to offer.

Art is the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, a place to dream, find joy, imagine the possibilities of a better tomorrow and grow.

There is no wrong in Art, anyone can create, we must let go of the fear and judgment and turn it into learning and acceptance of ourselves and others.

There are countless nonprofit organizations out there today making a difference for our communities and for the world that need our support, the more we learn about them, the bigger the impact they can have.

We have made it our mission to learn about each organization chosen by the Purposeful Dreamer as inspiration for their work and donate 10% of profits from every piece sold though the Purposeful Dreamer gallery.

More than ever before, no matter where we come from or what our current circumstances are. We deserve to follow our hearts to make our dreams come, to use our gifts to contribute to our society.
This is a time for people to support each other more than ever and be a positive example to our future generations.
We are committed to building this business with a higher purpose from the start, a place where we never stop learning and enjoying life to its fullest, where we believe dreams are possible and we create inspiring art that goes beyond our selves, to bring the best of our selves and make difference for many others.
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About the Founder

Hi, my name is Karina Hines, I am the founder of Purposeful Dreamer. I'm a multi-passionate creative, entrepreneur, HR professional and business owner. My poassion is people and creativity of all forms.

I was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador. I am a dreamer and a life learner. In an effort to provide better opportunities for me and my sister, my parents made the decision to leave everything behind and move us to the US. I had just turned 15 years old and my life was about to turn in ways I would have never imagined, some was really hard, but in the end, life rewarded me with the family and opportunities my parents dreamed for me. I earned my citizenship in 2018 in front of my husband and my son.  I knew in that moment, that I was given this chance, to one day create something that would inspire others to follow their dreams and be an example of what’s possible.

When Covid hit our area, it was a scary time as it has been for everyone around the world. We were doing our best to cope with all the drastic changes, our business suffered for some time and the uncertainty and life slowing down pushed me to reflect on my life’s purpose, to think of how I can utilize my strengths not just for myself but for others and this world that needs us so much.

My biggest realization was that creating art has given me the answers and healing I've needed in my life time over time, creativity had been my healer and biggest support to dealing with the hardest moments and changes in my life.

This is where the idea of Purposeful Dreamer began. Because I knew I wasn’t the only one that can benefit from bringing creativity back in our lives. I know how hard it can be to make the time to do something you love when there is so much that is needed from you, but the truth is, when we really take the time to slow down, take care of ourselves, explore our creativity and self expression, that's when we can blossom into the person we are meant to be for ourselves, for those close to us and for the world.

I invite you to sign up here to stay up to date on the Purposeful Dreamer experience, our creations and learnings. To see where Purposeful Dreamer will take us and all the positive impact we will make with our work.  Thank you for your Support.

Karina Hines

Your Salvadoran/American Purposeful Dreamer

Unique Art with a Story and Purpose

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