A Reflection on Purposeful Dreamer

I have been so blessed with both great hardships and wonder in my life, my parents bringing us to the land of the “American Dream” felt like the biggest gift my parents could had given me and my sister, but I didn’t feel worthy or believed I could truly chase my dreams until 15 years later, when I became a US citizen in front of my husband and my wonderful son, an amazing half American, Half Salvadoran who I get to relive a this magical world of possibilities with.

My parents love, courage and determination for a better life made me who I am today, and the reason Purposeful Dreamer is my healthy obsession to keep creating and learning to be able to share with the world every step of the way.

The day I became a citizen, I was finally able to feel free from my legal status holding me back for so many years… Something told me that one day when I had the chance, I would be able to create something that would allow me to accomplish my dreams and make others believe it is possible for them too. I didn’t fully know what that meant, until 2 years later, when Covid happened, the world slowed down and uncertainty hit our world, that is when creativity hit my door like it did for many others, and I was able to find the answer to my calling…

I have to be honest with you, this work has brought me to understand so much about myself I still have to work on, it has made me realize that with all the roles I get to have in my life, specially being a mom and a woman, I’ve had to really push my boundaries at pursuing something that I want and that I feel is important for me to do just for ME. Even with the full support of my husband with our busy lives and business, it has been terrifying and completely out of my comfort zone, but I made the choice to stop try really hard to stop beating myself up trying to make everything perfect and put my focus on getting stronger, not just physically but mentally, for me and to be a better mom to my son and a better wife to my husband, to work really hard on the things I can control, and to let go of what anybody else thinks about the things I feel are important in my life for me and my family. I keep my self-care and health as a priority, not perfect but making it a priority to wake up each day focusing on what I can control, really trying to appreciate even the least favorite tasks because they are all part of life, because it has opened my mind and time to creating rather than consuming by doing more of what I love in the magic of each new day…

Sometimes my fears and doubts will stop me in my tracks, but I have learned to trust myself more and more in this journey to keep going, let go of time holding me back. This creative entrepreneurial work has come with tears of frustration but also with tears of joy and inner piece like I had never experienced, because over and over, I’m reminded of a big lesson I was given with Purposeful Dreamer, and that is that:

The Power to live our life in joy and Purpose is all WITHIN US, it’s not a specific accomplishment or goal, it’s a journey of never-ending beautiful lessons and experiences. We can’t help everyone, control the events happening in our world or the actions of others, but the ONE thing we CAN control is what we do for OURSELVES, our thoughts, our actions that in return can become an example of what’s possible for others and allow us to truly be happy and be there in the best way we possible can for those we love the most.  

Purposeful Dreamer at its core is a place for dreamers who love deeply and believe tomorrow can be better, for those that have the courage to explore their creativity and passions, it’s here to support us in believing in ourselves while finding more joy and purpose within us, though the magic of giving back and creativity.

It’s my vision and ideal of a purposeful creative business full of collaboration, learning and giving back. It has been a about a year and a half since this idea came to me and have been in put into action in any way I can, every day I find myself looking thinking about the ways I become who a purposeful dreamer is meant to be.


Purposeful Dreamer in its first year:

  • Built a legitimate business along with a running online store was the first big challenge to get through in the first year along with learning online marketing and content creation. Before the idea of Purposeful Dreamer came to me, I had completed an extensive online business course called B-School, I learned a lot about the possibilities of building and owning a website, I remember waking up in the middle of the night to search and purchase the Domain Purposeful Dreamer.
  • Featured Art work from 10 creatives from different skill levels sharing their creative experience at our website and along with that, we are supporting and highlighting 6 Different Non Profit organizations chosen by each of us to honor with our artwork, 10% of the Profits for each sale goes to these organizations, visit our blog to learn more, our first donation we got to make was from the sale of a recycled wire sculpture my husband made for JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!
  • Building a Growing Social Media Presence – SOOO close to 600 followers!! As someone who has never been into social media, it has come with a lot of learning, but I truly enjoy putting my creative writing and design to the test and challenges me to share more about me and this mission. Every follow is an inspiration to keep going and reminder that those lessons in my life are resonating with others. Everything starts small and requires lots practice and patience, the peak of happiness and success for me at least, is not in the money or the accomplishments but in how many people you can inspire or help in some way or another – Follow me and share on Instagram for inspiring quotes and reminders for your weekdays!
  • The Purposeful Dreamer’s Blog – Philanthropy and Behavioral Science combined with Creativity. Our gallery is more than the Art pieces, it’s about the many lessons in our life, finding the joy in our journey, taking advantage of the benefits creativity has to offer.
  • Solidifying our Motto: Learn, Grow, Create, Give Back. We continue to share lessons in our blog and more along and inspiring messages though our social media avenues to bring more inspiration, creativity, hope and joy to the online world.

I hope you have taken some lessons from our journey. I look forward to working with Greater Purpose Life Unlimited to upgrade this platform to be able to very soon, grow our gallery bringing in more creatives with a multi-vendor page like no other.

Click HERE to learn how and who can join our gallery and be the first to be considered.

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Karina Hines,

Purposeful Dreamer Founder

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