A Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Rafael Reigosa

As part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, each Dreamer will be sharing their creative experience in two phases.

First, the beginning of their creative journey. Their background, feelings and experiences inspiring their creative journey to bring you to the second phase which will be their final art piece and the closure of their purposeful Dreamer Experience. If you would like to learn more about the Purposeful Dreamer Experience,  Click Here.

Each dreamer was given a set of questions in an effort to understand their creative process coming from many different backgrounds. Our goal is to inspire YOU to explore your creativity and the benefits it can provide no matter where you are in life.

As it gets closer to the end of the First Ever Purposeful Dreamers and their journeys, I find myself reflecting on how amazing it has been to see each of their hidden talents, creations and perspectives. It’s been such a great way to connect with them and relate to the challenges it represents to create an art piece for the whole world to see. To share what the meaning of creativity in our own personal lives and how we are all working thru its joys and challenges to give back thru the Purposeful Dreamer experience.

Each of their pieces are so unique and represents their talents and passion so well.  I look forward to continuing to share this dream to make a difference and experience as it evolves and opens up to the doors to new dreamers in the near future!
Today’s Journey
is from my dear talented old time friend, Rafael Reigosa. He is a big hearted, smart and creative Dreamer. Rafa is married to one of my best and dearest friends, Karen. Karen and I met Rafa in our high school years in Miami, it’s been a beautiful love story I get to see grow. Fast forward to the present, they are this beautiful and loving Venezuelan, Peruvian, Cuban American family with their 2 adorable toddler sons. The Reigosa’s are like family and we enjoy learning about their military life journey, always adapting and growing, and leaving a positive impression in all the different places they get to live in thru their coast guard service.

When I asked Rafa what made him agree to make this and be part of the Purposeful Dreamer experience he said: “I want to help out, I know many dreamers that have come to this country to succeed, and I want to give back to the community”.

Let’s begin with Rafael’s background:

Rafa is an Electrician’s Mate in The US Coast Guard and has been moving up in the ranks for the last 10 years, they have traveled from Hawaii to Florida to New York raising their growing family. For Rafa, his family is a priority, he wants to provide his kids with opportunities he didn’t have, starting with education and influence in the arts.

What inspired you to create your piece of art for Purposeful Dreamer? 

I always liked birds. I see their shapes and abilities and have always wanted to paint them.

Is there something creative you already enjoy doing?

Drawing, painting and learning about watercolors

What feelings of the creative process have you experienced this far?

I have never done a piece for someone else, I’m curious to find out if someone enjoys it. I also wanted to try a new medium that I have never done before, and the subject was an appropriate match to experiment with.

What would you like to share from this experience for others to learn from? 

I never thought I would make something for a cause, I usually do this more as a hobby, so I would say go for it. If you enjoy doing something you never know where it might lead, take the risk

How would you want the person purchasing your work feel about your piece? What feelings does your piece bring?

That it brings happiness, it’s something I enjoy in nature, I hope my piece conveys that feeling.

Rafael Reigosa, Purposeful Dreamer



Each of these pieces has a special story behind them, and a very special purpose of giving back to something bigger than themselves and challenging themselves to nourish their creative side.

The purpose of each of these pieces will be to give back with a percentage of proceeds given back to charity. We will be auctioning these off in the next upcoming months and sharing exclusive email updates, be sure to sign up below!

We appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed this piece. If you have a creative experience you would like to share with us or have an interest in being part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, we would love to hear about it!


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