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A Dreamer Journey presenting Purposeful Dreamer Mary Ann Hines

As part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, each Dreamer will be sharing their creative experience in two phases.

First, the beginning of their creative journey. Their background, feelings and experiences inspiring their creative journey to bring you to the second phase which will be their final art piece and the closure of their purposeful Dreamer Experience. If you would like to learn more about the Purposeful Dreamer Experience,  Click Here.

Each dreamer was given a set of questions in an effort to understand their creative process coming from many different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. Our goal is to inspire YOU to explore your creativity and the benefits it can provide no matter where you are in life.

Today, I am honored to share with you the path of one of the most influential and special people in my life, my mother in law, Mary Ann Hines. Not only is she extremely smart and talented, but also the nicest, most heartwarming, encouraging person you’ll ever meet! I owe it to her for always encouraging me and our family to continue to flourish our creativity in fun and unique ways, she has the unique ability to see the gifts in each person and open the doors to new enjoyable creative challenges!

Let’s begin with Mary Ann’s background:

A large part of her life was spent in graphic arts helping people produce materials to assist professional people explain their work. Brainstorming sessions and planning was an essential part of the process. This shared experience helped bring out the very best in people. Everyone would bring their experiences to the table with the purpose to help the audience understand the reason for the information piece, whether it’s a poster, brochure or booklet.

During her later years working as a graphic designer, she became interested in acupuncture and the way of eastern thinking. It helped her understand living in the moment, living with the laws of nature and the creative and destructive process. Mary Ann always says: “Everything has a beginning and an end, and this can be so refreshing when navigating through every day of life. Judgement can be a two-edged sword–knowing when to use it is one of the hardest things in life”. 

grandmother's loveHer Father was a craftsman/engineer and worked with wood, metal and plastic. She was captivated with his tools and craftmanship and watched him create all kinds of things from dressers to intricate models of ships, buildings and aircraft. Her Aunt was an artist too and Mary Ann spent time with her while visiting her grandmother who was an interior decorator, as well as a sculptor and painter who worked in watercolors and oils.

Mary Ann and her husband are now retired and are actually our neighbors across the street in our little town of Satellite Beach, Florida. She is an amazing mom, wife and grandmother. She always encourages us to do fun family art projects, from carving pumpkins, making paper airplanes, painting rocks, gingerbread houses in the holidays and every birthday or holiday, she finds the most unique fun art project to give us!

What inspired you to create your piece of art for Purposeful Dreamer? Take out Project Brevard Art MuseumGoing through this process and journaling a bit along with walking in nature, I remembered a project I entered in 2009 with the Brevard Art Museum called Take Out and I knew where to start! I have always been fascinated with patterns in nature and I want to continue finding these wonderful patterns in everyday life! We live and breathe with patterns. One insight I had was how excited I get when I am limited by requirements! How do I live within the requirements and stretch them as far as I can. I always loved this when I had a limits like budget, size, time limits or colors.  For some reason, it brings out the creativity in me. I know so many artists who don’t want boundaries or limitations and this is great too–we can coexist and it’s what makes art so wonderful and inspiring.

For the Purposeful Dreamer project, I will explore how many ways it’s possible to enhance this 2-dimensional pattern without assembling the take out carton and use different color schemes and textures to disguise this everyday pattern. I’m thinking about diagonal placement, repeat boxes, different sizes and varying the number of flattened boxes on the artwork. Anything is possible! 

 Was there something creative you really enjoyed as a kid or as a teenager and you no longer do? 

 I always loved tools and technology and, being a girl in the 50s, I was steered away from machines and pulled toward sewing and crafts. My father noticed one day I had a very cheap carving knife and decided to take me to the store to get a good carving knife and he showed me safety tips while using a sharp tool. He explained it was more dangerous to use dull blades and it was an accident waiting to happen. I’m not sure why I don’t carve any longer and I remember creating a chain out of a block of wood and learned it was a lot harder than it looked! 

 After years of being paid as a graphic artist, I learned why some projects sometimes don’t blossom and turn out well. It has everything to do with how “Engaged” the person/people are with the project. Sometimes, it is not meant to be created and it took me years to understand this. I believe acupuncture and the eastern way of thinking helped me with this. Every working person goes through this. Sometimes we don’t feel that spark, like when the professional scientist does not believe in the project but is forced with a deadline. There is a way to make it “Acceptable” and professional, but you can’t see the Spark and I believe it shows.  

What feelings of the creative process have you experienced this far? 

Taking my first step and sorting through all the ideas that pop up for me. My path feels disorganized and frustrating at first. Then I realize it is actually the Five Elements of Acupuncture that best describes the way I’m feeling about this process. 

From an eastern point of view, everyone has these 5 elements and 5 emotions associated with them, Joy, Pensiveness, Grief, Anger, and Fear. It is normal to cycle through these elements/emotions all day long when you are in balance. Staying stuck in one emotion means imbalance and in can be very difficult to move forward when you stay stuck! 

What do you hope to gain from your creative experience? 

I hope to learn what is still possible and what inspires me. I have lived more years now with new experiences and hope to continue learning and sharing. And, another question I wrestle with is: Where is that line between sharing and helping others versus willfully forcing my current beliefs and ways of seeing things on others. I like to think I am a “work in progress” and allowed to change! I think each person needs their space and time to grow too.     

-Mary Ann Hines, A Purposeful Dreamer

Each of these pieces has a special story behind them, and a very special purpose of giving back to something bigger than themselves and challenging themselves to nourish their creative side.
The purpose of each of these pieces will be to give back with a percentage of proceeds given back to charity. We will be auctioning these off in the next upcoming months and sharing exclusive email updates, be sure to sign up below!
We appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed this piece. If you have a creative experience you would like to share with us or have an interest in being part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, we would love to hear about it!



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