A Dreamer Journey Presenting Purposeful Dreamer Estela Morales

As part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, each Dreamer will be sharing their creative experience in two phases.

First, the beginning of their creative journey. Their background, feelings and experiences inspiring their creative journey to bring you to the second phase which will be their final art piece and the closure of their purposeful Dreamer Experience. If you would like to learn more about the Purposeful Dreamer Experience,  Click Here.

Each dreamer was given a set of questions in an effort to understand their creative process coming from many different backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. Our goal is to inspire YOU to explore your creativity and the benefits it can provide no matter where you are in life.

Today’s journey is a special one as I would not be writing this right now if it wasn’t for all the sacrifices she made to bring us here from El Salvador, almost 20 years ago! I present to you, my dear mom, Estela Morales.

She is an example of what it means to be a Purposeful Dreamer. Here you will learn that like so many of us, life takes its turns and we stop exploring our creativity. But one day, when you get back to it, you realize the benefits it brings and how making something with a purpose, makes it even more rewarding and exciting to create. 

 Let’s begin with Estela’s background:

One characteristic I was always told Salvadorians are known for is for being some of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. My mom has always been that example for me.

Some of the first memories of my mom are visiting her office back in the 90s, she worked at a law firm as an administrator for many years. I have these vivid memories of her in her really nice matching suit and the sound of the typewriters all around the office!

I always think back to those days and how that really nice suit was replaced with an apron and mesh hair cover after moving here and having to start from the bottom washing dishes and cooking in a Deli restaurant. Working 2 jobs to meet ends needs, she would go to night school for years to be able to learn English and be able to get a better job.

These are the sacrifices she had to make to bring us here and provide us with a better future and I will never forget how much life had to change for her to allow us to have the opportunities she knew we would not get in El Salvador.

Fast forward to now, she is computer records controller for the Dallas school district where she has moved up thru several roles for the last 15 years thanks to all the hard work, she put to learn English and demonstrate her abilities in this country.

What inspired you to create your piece of art for Purposeful Dreamer? 

The idea of Purposeful Dreamer opening up your creativity to serve others in need. To be able to have a small contribution to this purpose.

Was there something creative you really enjoyed as a kid or as a teenager and you no longer do?  If creativity is still part of your life, why do you do it and what do you gain from it? 

I enjoyed drawing and all types of crafts, I never persued to improve my drawing skills as family and work took most of my time.

Now I enjoy crochet to give away or to sell, it’s something fun to create and relieve everyday stress.

What feelings of the creative process have you experienced this far?

It has helped me relieve stress and anxiety

What do you hope to gain from your creative experience?

For me it’s a satisfaction to know that what I’m making will serve someone else in need. Be able to show the gift God gave me to serve others.

-Estela Morales, Purposeful Dreamer

Each of these pieces has a special story behind them, and a very special purpose of giving back to something bigger than themselves and challenging themselves to nourish their creative side.
The purpose of each of these pieces will be to give back with a percentage of proceeds given back to charity. We will be auctioning these off in the next upcoming months and sharing exclusive email updates, be sure to sign up below!
We appreciate your support and hope you enjoyed this piece. If you have a creative experience you would like to share with us or have an interest in being part of the Purposeful Dreamer Experience, we would love to hear about it! 


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